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MARENO is more than just a comfortable riding glove with great functionality: it's the perfect all-rounder for long summer days at the stables and working with horses.
What's more, it is part of ROECKL SPORTS' innovative and environmentally friendly ECO.SERIES, which means it has been manufactured using as few resources as possible.
This is really visible in the selection of materials made largely from recycled fibers.
Designed as a comfortable glove with ROECKL's exclusive COMFORT-CUT, the MARENO is also very easy to put on and fits like a second skin.
It can be attached to the wrist with the hook and loop closure.
To match the glove's elegant, nature-inspired design (Navy Night with earthy beige and timeless tonal black), the back is adorned with a stylish ROECKL logo, made from scraps from the wood processing industry.
This special detail not only helps to conserve resources, but also makes each MARENO a truly unique accessory!
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Valid promotion 20/06/2024 - 30/12/2024
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- Micro Mesh Eco, elastic, light and airy, was used on the back, where it guarantees excellent ventilation and great freedom of movement.
- A similar material is used on the palm, in ECO.SENSE®, which is soft to the touch and comfortable.
- This synthetic fiber, made up of 92% polyester (60% recycled) and 8% elastane, gives the hands the flexibility and feel needed for handling reins and poles.
- And because gloves are rarely kept clean when handling horses and equipment, this model is machine washable at 30°C (86°F).

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