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This classic glove is now available as the exclusive Roeck-Grip Pro competition model.
Just as the Roeckl Sports team relies on this glove in national and international competitions, amateur riders can now do the same.
To guarantee an ideal fit, the glove specialists use classic French glove sizes - every rider can find the perfect glove to suit his or her needs. In addition, they attach great importance to the quality of the workmanship: the individual parts are carefully sewn by hand with 1 millimeter seams. The result: it is clearly more comfortable. The characteristic closure with the hand logo and the word Roeckl perfectly secures the glove to the wrist.
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Valid promotion 20/06/2024 - 30/12/2024
All items are subject to stock breakage.

- Made of soft, highly breathable Roeck-Grip® synthetic split leather, this
elegant glove fits like a second skin.
- At the same time, this exclusive material ensures excellent grip and texture when holding the reins.
- The Roeck-Grip Pro glove is machine washable at 30°C. Compatible for use with touch devices.

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